Sergio Lucas


Sergio Lucas / selbstständig, Salzburg (A)

I am a creative cook with management and organizational development skills. My cooking style is personal and consistent. I love using natural flavours with minimum -but apt- interference, hardly touching the ingredients. The client should really feel the original, pure taste of what he or she is eating. It gives me great joy to play with the ingredients, discovering their precise texture. I complement this passion for pure flavours with a preference for fresh touches from the Mediterranean, the sea, sun, etc.

My first contact with cooking occurred when I was 17 years old, working for two months in a Basque restaurant. It was so positive that 3 years later, I started to study in the gastronomic school ‚ Salvador Gallego‘, one of the best schools in Spain. A Spanish reference cook for me is Carlos Posadas, from the Basque Country. I was doing an internship in his restaurant, El Amparo (one Michelin Star).

Inspiration is crucial for me to be able to excel in my work. The natural environment of Salzburg and the stimulus of being surrounded by the motivating culture of this green country, bring me this inspiration.